Jem Val'Kryja

A sapphire skinned songstress


A togruta singer in her mid-twenties, Val landed a gig at Neiro’s palace after the scheduled singer had got a bad case of the flu. Her voice landed her an immediate long term contract as a singer for the Hutt, something she did not expect. It wasn’t much, but after having been abandoned on Tatooine by her childhood sweetheart, it was better than going home.

A neophyte in the ways of the galaxy when she arrived at Neiro’s, she was taken under the wing by Ihat, then an accountant and junior floor manager for Neiro’s casino. Val’Kryja eventually learned to thrive in the smoke and spice filled dens of Mos Espa. Learning when to mind her own business, and when to listen in on going ons between clients.

With the chaos in the wake of Neiro’s death, she unexpectedly found a home on Concordia.

Jem Val'Kryja

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