Jolin Saquin

A sarcastic killer for hire.


First impressions do not give Jolin Saquin justice. He is seen by many as impulsive, undignified, lecherous, sarcastic and conceited to a fault. While these things are true, people make spontaneous conclusions that he is not very good at his job. However, that is not the case. He gets a thrill as being a bounty hunter, it is like he is in a constant state of euphoria. He is often in a good mood, especially after a contract, and often gives a hard time to people he is working with.

Jolin Saquin also has a competitive side. He is always trying to show others that he is top dog. He will go into dangerous situations head on just to prove that he can come out of top. The closer he is to death the more he feels alive.

He prefers contracts that he can eliminate because he thinks transport of “live bait” is tricky and often comes with unneeded complications. These contracts are usually eliminated with his blasters he affectionately calls “Truth or Dare”.

Jolin Saquin

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