Boaz Jorus Seafire

A freshly minted major seeking an edge


A tall, lean man who appears to be in his early 30s. He walks with a purpose, has a knowing glint in his eye and despite appearing to be all business will often greet people with a broad smile.

Further observation reveals growing worry lines on his face though – which have thus far just added to his character.

Boaz speaks in clear and flat tones. He rarely gesticulates except when socialising, coming over as somewhat stuffy and condescending as a result.


The Seafires of Caeroddan are an older if somewhat lower ranking noble family with a reasonably respectable record of military service, marine and interstellar trade business and exploration.

With all the political upheaval and turmoil of the last few decades Boaz’s branch of the Seafire line has been left struggling – first the problems involving the Trade Federation and then the Clone Wars took a big toll on the family business. Boaz’ s mother, Nola Fenn Seafire passed when he was seven years old in a marine accident. Shortly after he went to a boarding school offworld, leaving a twin sister, Berit on Caeroddan with an increasingly ill advised and caddish father who squandered much of the family fortune on wine, women and song as well as some extremely bad investments, leaving just enough to maintain a facade of importance.

With declining fortunes and the resulting lack of standing that comes with that Boaz responded by squandering his academic brilliance and getting involved in rather unsavoury activities in school which saw him expelled – a wasted talent.

Having an uncle who was about to retire from service helped influence the application for Imperial Service and a Commission, his school behaviour however prevented an ‘easy’ Commission and Boaz found himself in front line infantry training with units expected to see serious action. And action he did see.

Finding himself suited to infantry service Boaz actually did well. HIs combination of a warm if guarded nature, natural academic talent, calmness under fire, grit and reasonable fighting skill actually saw him gain promotion by merit and citation, which has earned him the respect of some of the men. Many of the officers however seem somewhat jealous of a capable fellow who has earned more through effort than family connection. Boaz is mostly indifferent to this. The pay and prestige that comes with rank is motivation enough to keep him going, even if he does on occasion lose the odd week’s pay gambling in the mess or on more dubious locations while on shore leave. Boaz is known for sending home money to support his family and he has made no secret of his intention to marry well to help bolster his family’s fading fortune.

Boaz Jorus Seafire

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