Annals of the Whispering Dark


Fear attracts the fearful…
the strong…
the weak…
the innocent…
the corrupt.
Fear is my ally.

The Annals of the Whispering Dark is an ancient holocron. The Gatekeeper of the holocron is Grugánu the Unforgiven, in life a pure blood Sith and a darth.

Grugánu’s full titles, gleaned from the Temple of Victorious Sin, read: Knower of Spells, Black Sword of Doom, and Reader of the Incantations of the Dark. The etchings there show him in a variety of sapien forms, including a hulking anthropoid, and a bidepal body with a long neck and vulturine head. The narrative suggests he was some kind of agent or follower of Ksárul.


Annals of the Whispering Dark

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