An Empire Divided

The Unforgiven
Let go of your dreams


“Good morning, please take your seats,” the Colonel turned the holoprojector on and began the briefing. “Imperial Security has confirmed Captain Qitano of the Acheron has gone rogue. After a prolonged period of non-communication, his ship appeared in the Raxal system. Initially, the Acheron engaged known pirates in the system, and then proceeded to attack a droid manufacturing facility on Raxal Prime. Presently it is not answering hails and is keeping station in the Raxal system. We aren’t sure how long this situation will last.” The officer paused a moment, allowing the facts to sink in before continuing, “ImpSec wants answers, your job is to find them. You are to board the Acheron, take Captain Qitano into custody, then bring him back to the Praetoria. You’ll have your usual kit and the services of a freelancer called Storm Raven. Drop time is in six hours. The protocol droid can provide details and arrange special equipment.” The colonel took one more look at the troopers, “Remember, the Acheron is a key asset in this sector, and ImpSec wants Qitano alive. Good hunting, troopers.”


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