An Empire Divided

The Temple of Sin

Descent into the well of souls


Seafire and his crew make a startling discovery in the hidden ruins of the Massassi. Jovel descends into the well of souls, and a fiery meteor delivers a new threat.

Jovel falls into the Well of Souls after reciting the Sith Code aloud. Boaz is able to descend into the well to retrieve her. The bottom of the well has an ominous feel to it, but no source or even offering of harm. Jovel has a vision of a vast web connecting every planet, every living thing, made of a shimmering crystalline light. And everywhere across the web were radiantly black spiders. Spiders draining the life from lesser creatures, spiders devouring the light.

When Jovel awoke from the vision, she said simply, “I understand.” The details of the vision soon became fragmented and the feeling of understanding drained away, leaving only a cold dread behind it.


Outside the cave CR-4NK and the Stormtroopers went to plant explosives on the Rebel insurgents’ shield generator. While seeming to go smoothly, the charges weren’t set quite to best effect.

During all this the Storm Raven, an Imperial Black Ops asset, was shot down and would have collided with the Rebel insurgent base, had not Rath taken the controls and saved the ship from becoming the cause of a crater.

After some regrouping, and a firefight at the location of the wreck, team was able to take out the shields and capture the Rebel base.


Arcane_Cowboy Arcane_Cowboy

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