An Empire Divided

The Hidden Empire

Betrayal leads to discovery

The first sparks of rebellion flash in the Galactic Empire. Insurgents on Blakmur III have struck military convoys, bringing the Empire’s war machine to a grinding halt. Across the planet people are beginning to believe they can resist the Empire. As these sparks dance in the night, the Empire sends an agent to deal with the situation…


A blue and white planet seen through the observation portal of officer quarters on Praetoria an Imperial star destroyer. A dark haired man with pale skin sleeps with a troubling dream.

You stand on the dry plain of a dead sea under a grey sky. There is a sound of children screaming, as though at a great distance. Above you, a smoking orb of nothing opens, from it a thousand shimmering spiders cascade. The orb widens and a thing begins to slip through. Before it solidifies into a shape you awake. A voice clearly says, “Peace is a lie.”

A com buzzer goes off, Boaz Seafire sits up. The duty officer tells him to report to the briefing room.


Arcane_Cowboy Arcane_Cowboy

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