An Empire Divided

The Fires of Orc
Fiery the angels fell...


Fiery the angels fell, Deep thunder roll’d around their shores, Burning with the fires of Orc

Night Moves
The sound of thunder...


Rath Darkrose takes a stealth equipped X-Wing on a secret mission for the Empire.

The Frozen Count
A race for treasure on an icy hell


Episode II

The Frozen Count

Pursuing Rebels to the Outer Rim the Gladiator lands Boaz Seafire and team of the Empire’s elite strike force, the Ghost Dancers, on the frozen world of Ilum.

The whispering voice of an ancient Sith Holocron hints of secrets of the Force are trapped in the ice. Including the means to build the most sought after weapon of any Force wielder, a light saber.

The Ghostdancers pursue the Rebels through icy caves in a race to unlock secrets that could give new fire to the nascent rebellion, or end it forever.

The Beau, The Bad, and The Ugly
Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?

Slave pits of Mos Espa! There is no more terrible place to live than in the slave cells of a Hutt vigo. Accused of killing Neiro the Hutt, Jax Rain (Seafire), and Rath Darkrose have managed to get themselves thrown in the pit without the aid of CR-4NK. Can they escape?

That was the teaser. Actual game play went differently…

After a rough start, the session got rolling.

Jovel arrived on Tatooine after being drafted in some sense into a pro-Imperial intelligence cabal – Ghostdancers. Nothing was really explained, other than she was expected to go to Rori, the moon of Naboo, to meet some mysterious types at “the Coventry”. Part of this promotion enabled her to attend an intelligence briefing on Fulminata with Captain Reynal. One of the items of interest in the briefing was discussion the activities of the “Inquisitorios”, and vaguely defined group with the authority to deal with Force users.

Jovel arrived on Tatooine went to Cafe Coruscant to start her search for Seafire. The urgency for this came from a contract going out saying his cover identity had killed a Hutt vigo on some backwater world called Gran Forsaka (reputedly even worse then Tatooine as planets go).

At the time, Rath and Seafire were partying at Neiro’s palace while waiting to formally present their prisoner to Neiro the Hutt. Rath introduced his apprentice, “Rain”, to Ihat Nui, Neiro’s scarred Twilek comptroller. She found them guest quarters as Rath met up with his local girl, Val-Kryja, a Togruta for whom he had some affection (apparently not always the hard case, despite the Mando helmet). Rain was able to escape the charms of would be honeytrap, Teissa. On a side note, Captain Redjack was there as well, and Rath was in such a good mood he (mostly) paid him for the speeders.

After a meeting out front of Neiro’s between Jovel, clad in slick black padded armor and escorted by two seeker droids, and “Rain”, it was decided that Rath should present Lana on his own, along with CR-4NK. Here’s where things began to go…sideways.

Heading back to Cafe Coruscant to better understand what was going on with the bounty on Rain, one of Jovel’s seeker droids slips over the wall into Neiro’s palace and finds CR-4NK, where it feeds him a data stream. (This is discovered afterward by Jovel afterwards while doing some intel gathering back in the cafe.) What follows is, Rath presents the captured Lana to Neiro, and is then invited to see Neiro’s basement. This is unusual, but the reason why isn’t clear, so Rath goes along. Seafire changes back non-descript clothes and heads to an Imperial intelligence safe house. Jovel goes to meet him there. While enroute Lana gives some sort of command to CR-4NK, who promptly explodes, causing chaos and destruction in Neiro’s palace. Rath attempts to determine what happened back in the throne room, and is shot down by automated defenses, Jovel is kidnapped by a pack of Jawas, and Seafire decides to call out the guard.

As news of the explosion sweeps across Mos Espa the city explodes into violence as different factions look for leverage and long simmering disputes are given an excuse to boil. Seafire and a troop of stormtroopers, backed up by the ever enthusiastic Rebal, head to Neiro’s after learning that’s where Jovel is taken. After negotiating with two militias outside the palace he’s able to contact Rath on the inside. After some work he negotiates being let into the palace to retrieve Jovel. This is facilitated by Rath through Ihat Nui, the two of whom come to agreement about what should happen to Neiro’s personal vault before a new normal settles on Mos Espa. Ihat opens the Sunset Gate and the Imperials are in the compound.

Once inside with some stormtroopers Seafire is able to find Jovel, who had awoken in some kind of oubliette with a motley collection of unfortunate souls being held prisoner by Neiro. They stole most of her gear, but she was able to retrieve her “lock pick” kit. At this point, Seafire wants to get out and let the locals sort each other out. After a pitch by Rath, and some negotiating with Ihat, he’s able to see the possible benefit to the “Empire” of securing the Vault. A deal is made, with the following points: Ihat Nui will supply codes to open the vault, and insure Neiro won’t be around to miss his stuff. She’s also looking after Val-Kryja for Rath. Rath, Seafire, and Jovel will go in through the sewers to sidestep the front door into Neiro’s personal wing of the palace. Introduced was the scarred and grim Taza Kel, who is there to guarantee Ihat’s cut of the Vault’s contents, and with his Cathar warstaff looks like he can help in dealing with Angrax the Chained, Neiro’s chief bodyguard.

The session ended with the party, backed by up by a number of stormtroopers, return to the Oubliette in Neiro’s slave pits and prepare to enter the sewers…

A Fistful of Credits
This is the Free Trader Beau Wolf, calling anyone...


A captured Rebel turns out to be an Acquisition wanted in some Outer Rim dirtball for a substantial amount. After debriefing, Captain Reynal authorizes Darkrose to turn her in, for a cut, naturally. ISB, in the person of Maj. Descoin decides to give Seafire a makeover, and CR-4NK gets to meet an old friend.

The Dragons of Caeroddan
Peace is a lie


With the Gladiator on station for a few days while attending to the matters of City One and the Watchtower Boaz Seafire packs a survival kit and heads back to the ruins to unravel the mysteries of the Doomed Prince.

The Temple of Sin
Descent into the well of souls


Seafire and his crew make a startling discovery in the hidden ruins of the Massassi. Jovel descends into the well of souls, and a fiery meteor delivers a new threat.

Jovel falls into the Well of Souls after reciting the Sith Code aloud. Boaz is able to descend into the well to retrieve her. The bottom of the well has an ominous feel to it, but no source or even offering of harm. Jovel has a vision of a vast web connecting every planet, every living thing, made of a shimmering crystalline light. And everywhere across the web were radiantly black spiders. Spiders draining the life from lesser creatures, spiders devouring the light.

When Jovel awoke from the vision, she said simply, “I understand.” The details of the vision soon became fragmented and the feeling of understanding drained away, leaving only a cold dread behind it.


Outside the cave CR-4NK and the Stormtroopers went to plant explosives on the Rebel insurgents’ shield generator. While seeming to go smoothly, the charges weren’t set quite to best effect.

During all this the Storm Raven, an Imperial Black Ops asset, was shot down and would have collided with the Rebel insurgent base, had not Rath taken the controls and saved the ship from becoming the cause of a crater.

After some regrouping, and a firefight at the location of the wreck, team was able to take out the shields and capture the Rebel base.

The Hidden Empire
Betrayal leads to discovery

The first sparks of rebellion flash in the Galactic Empire. Insurgents on Blakmur III have struck military convoys, bringing the Empire’s war machine to a grinding halt. Across the planet people are beginning to believe they can resist the Empire. As these sparks dance in the night, the Empire sends an agent to deal with the situation…


A blue and white planet seen through the observation portal of officer quarters on Praetoria an Imperial star destroyer. A dark haired man with pale skin sleeps with a troubling dream.

You stand on the dry plain of a dead sea under a grey sky. There is a sound of children screaming, as though at a great distance. Above you, a smoking orb of nothing opens, from it a thousand shimmering spiders cascade. The orb widens and a thing begins to slip through. Before it solidifies into a shape you awake. A voice clearly says, “Peace is a lie.”

A com buzzer goes off, Boaz Seafire sits up. The duty officer tells him to report to the briefing room.

The Unforgiven
Let go of your dreams


“Good morning, please take your seats,” the Colonel turned the holoprojector on and began the briefing. “Imperial Security has confirmed Captain Qitano of the Acheron has gone rogue. After a prolonged period of non-communication, his ship appeared in the Raxal system. Initially, the Acheron engaged known pirates in the system, and then proceeded to attack a droid manufacturing facility on Raxal Prime. Presently it is not answering hails and is keeping station in the Raxal system. We aren’t sure how long this situation will last.” The officer paused a moment, allowing the facts to sink in before continuing, “ImpSec wants answers, your job is to find them. You are to board the Acheron, take Captain Qitano into custody, then bring him back to the Praetoria. You’ll have your usual kit and the services of a freelancer called Storm Raven. Drop time is in six hours. The protocol droid can provide details and arrange special equipment.” The colonel took one more look at the troopers, “Remember, the Acheron is a key asset in this sector, and ImpSec wants Qitano alive. Good hunting, troopers.”


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